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Oh, we will Certainly talk a lot about Choices here!  

Our Human freedom gives us absolute control of our thoughts, attitudes, positions, actions, and results. We can choose to be sad or happy; proud or disappointed; a success or a failure! Even your health is strongly tied to your thoughts. All of these choices are always taking place, but the majority of people will simply choose not to choose, and let things happen to them! They will blame “Bad Luck” for any undesirable situation, and envy the “Good Luck” of those who achieve the good things in life.   

It is not that we deliberately make bad choices, but rather that we apathetically avoid making the right ones. We also can choose to make no choices at all, which is the worst situation. It is like getting on a boat without a rudder. Most people go through life just letting the currents or the winds take them wherever those elements want. Those currents and winds are called: “The Majority.” 

The effect of our social group will be extremely influential in our lives. Sometimes we have fallen into our current social group by doing nothing. People who do nothing to choose the persons they associate with or are surrounded by, do not have the privilege to select their environment or social group. 

The more diligent you become at making these social choices, the better off you will be in your life performance. In order to become the person you really want to be, you need to behave like that person would, to begin with. In order to modify your behavior, you need to be close to the people who have achieved that level of performance that you would like to enjoy. Observe and you will find the reasons behind each of their actions and attitudes, and therefore, adopt them yourself. 

At times it will be difficult for us to establish a distance from some of the not too positive relationships; but the effort is worth it. You do not need to turn them into your enemies, but simply avoid teaming up with them.

It is a fact of Mother Nature that species flock together. Find the right people and do whatever it takes to integrate into their group. Dare to choose a new group. Analyze how you need to behave in such way that your chosen group will accept and welcome you. Choose to use their language, their attitudes, and their responses to situations; cooperate, learn, share what you can in order to be a contributor and also a potential Leader in that group.